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Maya Tours – travel safety

Road safety means life. Therefore, ensuring safety is a paramount importance quarterly safty meetings. We use every means, regardless of cost and time considerations, and adhere to the most stringent safety standards in order for you to be able to enjoy our transportation services while feeling calm and complete safe.

The Ministry of Transportation expressed its appreciation for our efforts in the “Golden Wheel” prize, which we have won several times and in the conclusions of the surprise visits made by inspectors from the Ministry of Transportation and the association of security officers.

We are careful to maintain vehicles properly – all of Maya Tours’ vehicles are regularly maintained only by local authorized dealers’ workshops and garages.

We employ four safety officers in transportation, who implement the strict annual security programs which include, among others:

Safety inspections of all vehicles conducted at least once a month by the safety officer.

  • Route reviews once every two months.
  • Bus concentration review by operating manager
  • Safety inspections of vehicles serving organizations once a month by the safety officer.
  • Inspection of vehicles before the summer and the winter to ascertain roadworthiness

We choose the best drivers – the drivers undergo an intense and meticulous vetting process, during which all the required documents are reviewed, including criminal records, traffic violations, and then do a practical exam with the safety officer and have an interview with the company’s CEO.

We offer professional guidance, quarterly safety talks and detailed and frequent driver training to drivers in order to instill the rules of safety in them.

Our vehicles contain all of the latest gear and accessories to insure complete safety:

  • Advanced electronic braking and decelerating systems – Talma retarder (hydraulic decelerator)
  • Road-hugging monitoring
  • Seatbelts in all seats
  • Flashlights for children’s transportation

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