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Driving Better

Maya Tour Ltd is at the front of national campaign, Driving Better in Businesses and Organizations, aiming to tackle road accidents, as a result the company was awarded certificate for being a pioneer in managing safety in Israel.

The plan “Driving Better” is a joint venture between the National Road Safety Authority and The Israeli Council of Transportation Companies.

The plan, unique of its kind, includes a series of courses designed to transform the companies safety policy, top-down ,starting at the CEO level down to the youngest driver. The idea is to create organization culture which will enable successful implementation of the safety plan and to lay down the foundations to integrate into the company modus operandi the principals of Israeli Safety Code – 9301 “Safety and quality management systems of transportation system.”

The program began adapting operating and thinking patterns at all levels of the company while aligning job descriptions into the company safety policy.

As part of the process Maya-Tour conducts periodic refreshment meetings in which all drivers are reminded the need to emphasize safety aspect during the daily driver routine. During those gathering employees are reminded of existing standing instructions and are trained and guided regarding new requirement and regulations whether initiated by the company and / or by the authorities. During the whole process Safety specialists and other business organization consultants, are involved in order to use up-to- date knowledge throughout the training process.

Maya–Tour have changed its organizational structure in order to provide total independency and autonomy, to its safety department and as a result the safety officer is integrated into the company daily routine, while maintaining total control of the fleet it supervises and reports directly to the CEO in case of irregularities.

To support the process with the capable HR, the practice of drivers selection and screening was overhauled in order to ensure that only qualify drivers will join the organization. Furthermore the company extended off-duty compulsory rest time beyond the official requirement in order to emphasize its safety commitment.


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